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3 costly estate planning mistakes to avoid

Planning for the inevitable is not a very pleasant thing to think about. But if you fail to prepare for when your time will be up, your assets may not pass on to your heirs how you want them to. Not only can estate planning maximize the value of your estate, but it gives you the opportunity to make decisions about what will happen to your assets. 

Debunking 4 myths about wills

People need to keep close eyes on their wills throughout the years. Financial abuse related to wills has become increasingly common, and adults need to ensure they update their wills periodically even if no major life changes have occurred. 

4 times to have your parents update their estate plans

Aging comes with unpleasant worries that seniors must face in order to secure their future. Even if they have already completed their estate plans, that is not the end of the process. Any time there is a significant change in life circumstances, seniors must update the plans for the best outcome for themselves and their loved ones.

How to keep Fluffy from the pound if you go into a nursing home

During your later years, your pets have been a great source of love and comfort. The last thing you would want for your beloved dog or cat is to have to surrender it to an animal shelter if you are unexpectedly unable to care for it.

Planning for aging or incapacitated parents

From the day you entered the world, you probably began relying on your parents for food, love, shelter and care, but at some point in your life, you can expect your roles to reverse. No one likes to think about parents getting older and nearing the ends of their lives, but the better you and they prepare for the change, the more smoothly the transition will likely go.

3 expenses that can quickly eat up a nest egg

Many parents plan dutifully to ensure that their children will be cared for when they pass. Perhaps your parents have pensions or savings that they have built up. If so, you obviously want to protect the fruit of their hard work and ensure that nothing threatens the financial security they have established.