Many people in New York and across the country may consider themselves skilled procrastinators. They may have the attitude that they can put various matters off until tomorrow or the last minute. In fact, many people think they work better under pressure. However, when it comes to creating an estate plan, waiting until the last minute is not ideal.

Unfortunately, far too many people wait to make their plans and end up with no plan at all. As a result, their family members are left to make difficult decisions. Instead of ending up in this scenario, individuals may want to take the time to consider their estate planning options now. Certain life events can put such matters into perspective, and it can spur people into taking action.

Even just starting with the basics could go a long way when getting affairs in order. For example, a will can act as a useful cornerstone to any estate plan, and it can handle important matters like naming a guardian for minor children and detailing how assets should be distributed. These instructions could go a long way in saving time and stress for surviving loved ones.

Of course, every estate plan is unique, and New York residents can choose from a variety of planning options to make their wishes known. If sifting through numerous options seems intimidating, parties may want to remember that they can start small and always update their plans later. It may be in their interests to discuss their wishes with knowledgeable estate planning attorneys who offer insight and guidance into the various options and ensure that documents are created properly.