Senior citizens in New York and throughout the country may not relish the idea of moving into an assisted living facility. This is because they fear that they will lose their ability to live independent lives by doing so. However, older individuals may actually be able to maintain a sense of independence by moving into such a facility. Furthermore, they may find that it is easier to make friends and otherwise be social in their new surroundings.

Ideally, individuals will talk about the possibility of their parents moving into an assisted living facility as early as possible. Doing so allows a parent to have input into the process of transitioning from his or her home into a community setting. It may be a good idea to ask a parent to tour senior residential communities in the area or talk to friends or relatives who currently live in such a facility.

Learning more about what they provide may help an older person feel more comfortable about the prospect of leaving his or her home in the future. Individuals should use a positive tone and body language when talking about living in an assisted living facility or any other plans a parent may need to make. Regardless of how a parent reacts, that person’s feelings should be respected and validated.

As a person gets older, that individual may experience health or other issues that make it harder to live a fully independent life. An attorney may be able to help individuals meet their future care planning needs before an emergency arises. For instance, a person might want to consider buying an insurance policy that might help pay for their care needs. Living trusts, healthcare proxies and other estate planning tools may also help meet a person’s needs.