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October 2018 Archives

How to ensure a complete estate plan

Even people who are careful during the estate planning process can overlook certain things. For example, New York estate planners should make sure to avoid common errors such as failing to fill out beneficiary designations. Assets such as life insurance policies and retirement accounts generally have such designations

Estate planning with an element of philanthropic giving

Some people in New York who are creating an estate plan may want to incorporate philanthropic planning into their estate plan. This can be beneficial to families, can be a good tool for wealth management and can also be a way for a person to create a legacy.

3 questions you need to ask your aging parents

As you enter middle age, you begin to raise your own family or pursue the pinnacle of your career — or both. Your thoughts are likely quite focused on your goals, not those of your elderly parents. However, it is important to talk about the issues that will affect them as they grow older, especially from a legal and planning perspective.

Estate planning is for more than tax avoidance

An estate plan can be beneficial in reducing and keeping tax bills to a minimum. However, New York residents and others may benefit from estate planning in other ways as well. For example, it allows a person to organize important documents and other items that may need to be accessed quickly after he or she passes away. These documents may include passwords to digital files, a list of debts or a summary of that person's final wishes.

Drafting estate planning documents to avoid family disputes

A well-developed estate plan provides peace of mind and reduces the risk of family disputes. Sometimes, only a simple will is needed to dispose of estate assets. In other cases, however, the estate plan might include trusts, powers of attorney, life insurance policies or other planning instruments. People in New York should keep a few things in mind as they approach their estate plans.