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Custodial care could mean large expenses

While Medicare may provide many services to New York residents, it will generally not pay for care in a nursing facility. This is important because as many as 70 percent of people aged 65 and older may eventually need such care. Whether or not Medicare will pay for a service depends on if the needs are considered to be custodial care.

Custodial care means that a person needs help getting out of bed, making food or eating. As a general rule, this assistance could be provided by anyone who does not have specialized training in the medical field. Most people need custodial care as opposed to treatment that only a specially trained professional can provide. In the event that a person does need more than custodial care, Medicare will usually cover the first 20 days with no coinsurance required.

While there is no specialized medical training necessary to offer custodial care, it can still come with a large price tag. A private room at a nursing home can cost as much as $8,121 per month while a home health aide could cost $4,099 per month. While long-term care policies may help, they may only cover a portion of those costs or restrict what is actually covered under the policy.

Those who wish to protect assets and keep the cost of care down may wish to create a plan as soon as possible. This could help an individual get the most from their Medicare benefits without depleting their savings or having to sell assets. An attorney can explain how to maximize government benefits. This may help a person get quality care for as long as necessary.

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