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November 2017 Archives

Legal documents for end-of-life issues

Having a will that is properly drafted and addresses end-of-life preferences is the first step in having a sufficient estate plan. However, there are other legal documents that can help ensure that an individual's wishes will be followed if they become incapacitated.

Avoid probate with these simple tips

Probate is something many people try to avoid as they make their estate plans. While it might not be easy for someone with a large estate to bypass probate, New Yorkers without a lot of assets may be able to do this much more easily. There are simple ways to transfer most assets upon death without giving the beneficiary control over them sooner.

Planning for aging or incapacitated parents

From the day you entered the world, you probably began relying on your parents for food, love, shelter and care, but at some point in your life, you can expect your roles to reverse. No one likes to think about parents getting older and nearing the ends of their lives, but the better you and they prepare for the change, the more smoothly the transition will likely go.