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March 2017 Archives

Should you think about preparing advance directives?

Recently, you may have begun thinking about advance directives because someone close to you was hospitalized suddenly. Perhaps your brother-in-law was admitted following a stroke. He was unable to speak and was completely dependent on the medical staff to make decisions about his care. His wife, your sister, was concerned about a particular kind of therapy that was prescribed for Jim and wished he could tell the doctors whether he wanted it.

What not to leave out of a will

Wills are valuable estate planning tools that can be used to dictate how people's assets should be handled after they have passed away. However, New York residents should take care to avoid leaving out certain elements when they create their wills.

Important estate planning matters

New Yorkers who are concerned about how their property will be handled after they die should consider creating an estate plan. A basic estate plan may consist of a will, a living trust and power of attorney and can be used to protect loved ones by designating trust guardians for children and safeguarding assets. However, in order for an estate plan to be effective, there are some things that should be avoided.

Important factors concerning estate planning

While many New York residents may not have a $300-million-dollar estate like the late singer Prince, it is a good idea for adults to prepare a legal will. Wise estate planning greatly benefits family members who have an outline of their loved one's exact wishes. It can also help family members avoid conflicts, costly probate and high fees involved in trying to settle their late loved one's estate.

5 pitfalls to avoid in choosing an assisted living facility

When you find that your elderly parent needs the kind of help you can no longer provide, it may be time to consider a move to an assisted living facility. Your first thought may be about a nearby home, one you have admired because of its beautiful landscaping and colonial architecture. Do not be swayed by outward appearances, however. You need to learn about staffing, costs, and how well your parent will be cared for at this or any other facility. When you begin a serious search for new living arrangements for Mom or Dad, here are five pitfalls to avoid.

Understanding long-term care

Long-term care is a reality that many people may have to face as they age. Individuals living in New York who are concerned about their long-term care or that of elderly loved ones should have a realistic view of what it entails.