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Talks elderly individuals should have with their family

At some point in their future, it will be likely that elderly New York residents will require some form of care. In order to help ensure that their wishes are known and respected by family members, there are some things that should be discussed before that time comes.

They should anticipate that they will have some long-term medical or residential needs. This may mean finding an insurance policy that will provide coverage in that regard. They should discuss their wishes with their loved ones in a frank discussion. This may include end-of-life care or whether or not they want prolonged medical care. This also includes where they want to live if they can no longer live on their own or need constant care. If they do wish to remain in the same area, they may wish to see if there are nearby retirement or assisted-living facilities.

Aging residents should organize their financial paperwork in a way that makes it easier for family members to find what they need should their loved one become incapacitated. Trusted family members should given powers of attorney in the event elderly individuals can no longer make financial or medical decisions for themselves.

Planning for the future can be difficult, especially as people are living longer than ever before. As such, it is important that aging individuals and their family members make elder care a priority. Because this can be a difficult and long process, an elder law attorney may assist by guiding clients through the process of protecting themselves, their assets and their loved ones. This may include the creation of a living will and powers of attorney.

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