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September 2015 Archives

Five things that wills should not ignore

Many New York residents do not think about drafting a will until after they experience their first major life change, such as the birth of a child, the opening of a new business or the purchase of a home. When they do finally sit down to prepare one, they often overlook important key items.

Talks elderly individuals should have with their family

At some point in their future, it will be likely that elderly New York residents will require some form of care. In order to help ensure that their wishes are known and respected by family members, there are some things that should be discussed before that time comes.

Benefits of generation-skipping trusts

Some New York residents decide to create a 'generation-skipping trust" as part of their estate plan. A generation-skipping trust is an estate planning tool that allows a grantor to transfer certain financial assets or property to their grandchildren instead of their children.

Estate planning and controlling how inheritances are spent

A common concern for people in New York who are currently doing their estate planning has to do with how the money would be spent after death. There can be numerous reasons for this. Understanding the options available can help to avoid family disputes by creating a plan to achieve the desired goals.