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Administering an estate in probate

Handling probate matters in New York can be a difficult subject at times. In essence, probate administration deals with handling the affairs and assets of someone after they have passed on, and it may not necessarily be something you want to think about. However, ignoring the issue entirely can itself inflict undue hardship on the owner of the assets in question and any of his or her intended beneficiaries.

If someone dies without a will, their assets will typically be distributed according to the laws of intestacy. In such a scenario, it may not be possible to fulfill the posthumous desires of the deceased without the evidential basis a will could have provided.

Our firm has a department that exclusively handles matters related to probate. As such, we are willing to work with you in order to find a probate planning solution specific to your family's needs. In some cases, it may be possible to avoid the process of probate planning entirely by crafting an efficient estate planning solution. Having a will and giving careful thought to your estate can be one of the most effective means of ensuring your loved ones are taken care of in your absence.

If you would like to learn more about this subject, please consult our page on probate administration at your convenience. Some situations require that petitions be filed in probate court, for which reason it may be advisable to have an attorney's assistance in preparing such documentation. Our firm may be able to help you prepare the documentation necessary to complete this process and assist you with other matters related to probate administration.

Source: McMahon Law Firm, "Probate Administration", December 16, 2014

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