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April 2014 Archives

Tips that might help plan your estate

While some people in New York may assume that only the extremely wealthy need to engage in estate planning, this assumption is false. Everyone should take the time to carefully plan for the resolution of their estate to ensure that their desires are carried out, should they be unable to manage their estate after experiencing a severe injury or illness.

Personal health care decisions important part of estate planning

If you missed National Healthcare Decision Day, which falls on April 16, don’t wait until it rolls around again next year. The purpose of the day is to bring attention to the importance of letting your loved ones and medical professionals know your preferences when you may not be able to let them know.

Include heirlooms in estate plan to avoid family disputes

While creating an estate plan in New York, the objective should be to leave as few loose ends as possible to make the distribution of one’s estate as simple as possible. Items such as houses and real estate may be obvious items to include. But smaller possessions, especially those with little or no monetary value, should often also be considered.