Medicaid Planning Lawyers

No one should lose their life's savings because they need nursing home care. At the McMahon Law Firm, we can help.

Located in Camillus, New York, a suburb of Syracuse, we help senior citizens create Medicaid plans that protect their assets, qualify for Medicaid benefits, and assist clients with emergency Medicaid asset protection. Our firm also prepares Medicaid applications and submits them to the local Medicaid office. During the pendency of the Medicaid application process, our firm communicates with the Medicaid office to provide additional documentation and answer any questions that arise.

Emergency Medicaid

Clients turn to our firm after they, or their spouses, have become unable to care for themselves and have moved into nursing homes. Many fear they've waited too long to take action and will be forced to lose all of their property, assets and savings to the nursing home to pay for their care. This is not the case.

Under the "half a loaf theory" or "doctrine of halves theory" we can protect approximately one half of your assets.

Use Medicaid Planning To Protect Your Property For The Next Generation

Today, people are living longer than ever before. As such, a growing number of people rely on Medicaid to pay the high cost of nursing home care. However, Medicaid assistance does not start until an individual's assets have been reduced to the very low amounts allowed by Medicaid laws. There are ways to obtain Medicaid while retaining more assets.

At the McMahon Law Firm, we create Medicaid plans that enable our clients to qualify for Medicaid benefits while protecting their assets. Our attorneys use a variety of tools — such as irrevocable trusts, gifts to family members and promissory notes — to transfer your assets out of your estate, help you qualify for Medicaid earlier than was thought possible and help ensure you leave an inheritance for your children.

As you and your spouse age, or if one of you is diagnosed with an illness, it is important to speak with a Medicaid planning lawyer today. Medicaid has a five-year look-back period. Any transfers — such as gifts to relatives or transfers into a trust — made within the past five years can hurt your chances of qualifying for Medicaid. An attorney experienced in Medicaid law can create a Medicaid strategy that takes these types of gifts into account.

Don't wait. Contact the McMahon Law Firm to ensure that your assets are protected.

Qualifying And Applying For Medicaid Benefits

Many people believe that Medicaid is only available to assist lower income, uninsured or underinsured individuals in their old age. However, even individuals with substantial assets may qualify for Medicaid assistance. At the McMahon Law Firm, we help clients qualify for Medicaid under the new rules for Medicaid contained in the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 and complete the Medicaid application process to help clients get Medicaid benefits as soon as possible. Our attorneys also help clients obtain Medicaid benefits to help pay for the costs of home care and assisted living facilities.

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