Wills for Younger People

New York Estate Planning Attorney: Wills for Younger People

Wills are not just for the elderly. They can be useful documents for younger people with special assets and for couples with children. No matter your age, last wills and testaments allow you to express your exact wishes and ensure that they are carried out after your death.

The McMahon Law Firm, in Syracuse, New York, is committed to helping younger clients with comprehensive, proactive estate planning. We take the time to listen to our clients' needs, explain their options, answer their questions, and craft a strong legal document. We take great pride in helping these clients prepare for the future.

It is never too early to start thinking about drafting a will. Contact a New York estate planning attorney at 315-849-9053 to schedule a consultation.

The Benefits of Having a Will

There are many benefits to having a last will and testament. The primary one being that the creator makes the decisions rather than placing the burden on the family or leaving it up to the probate court.

With a will you can:

  • Choose a guardian for your children
  • Choose the beneficiaries of your assets
  • Decide who will take care of pets
  • Choose an executor for your estate

Please note, a last will and testament does not allow a person to make healthcare decisions on your behalf in the event you become incapacitated. For that, you will need a living will or health care proxy. We will explain all the benefits of having both a will and living will, and help you decide on the best estate planning tools given your situation.

Trust Our Experience

Our founding attorney, Steve McMahon, has 17 years of estate planning experience. Since founding our firm in 1992, he has helped hundreds of clients draft last wills and testaments, establish trusts, create living wills and use other estate planning documents to accomplish their asset protection goals. With the McMahon Law Firm, you can feel confident your needs are being handled by a skilled, experienced and dedicated lawyer.

If you and/or your spouse need assistance creating a last will and testament, please contact a lawyer at the McMahon Law Firm. We are committed to helping clients solidify their wishes in a binding legal document.

We draft last wills and testaments, and living wills for younger people throughout Upstate New York, including Onondaga County, Cayuga County, Oswego, Oneida County and the cities of Syracuse, Camillus, and Auburn.