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How to keep Fluffy from the pound if you go into a nursing home

During your later years, your pets have been a great source of love and comfort. The last thing you would want for your beloved dog or cat is to have to surrender it to an animal shelter if you are unexpectedly unable to care for it.

Planning for aging or incapacitated parents

From the day you entered the world, you probably began relying on your parents for food, love, shelter and care, but at some point in your life, you can expect your roles to reverse. No one likes to think about parents getting older and nearing the ends of their lives, but the better you and they prepare for the change, the more smoothly the transition will likely go.

3 expenses that can quickly eat up a nest egg

Many parents plan dutifully to ensure that their children will be cared for when they pass. Perhaps your parents have pensions or savings that they have built up. If so, you obviously want to protect the fruit of their hard work and ensure that nothing threatens the financial security they have established.

Do spouses' wills have to be the same?

As you help your aging parents with their estate plans, you may wonder if they both need a will or if they should get a joint one, especially if they agree on the distribution of their assets. Even if they have the same desires, they should have their own wills.

3 reasons you should avoid a DIY estate plan

With so many tools available online today, it can be tempting to create an estate plan on your own. While you might think you will save a lot of money and hassle with a DIY approach, it can come back to bite you or your heirs. The truth is, bypassing an attorney to get your estate planning documents can result in a plan that does not work or follow the proper laws. 

Getting married again? 4 estate planning tips to reduce conflict

As you prepare for your second marriage, it is imperative to take another look at your estate plan. Entering another marriage means you will have a blended family. Without proper preparation, there can easily be inheritance conflict once you pass away. You should take certain preventative steps to keep the peace among family members.